Bible Study 

There is Bible Study in both parishes.  For more information contact Robert Carter 780-655-4019 or the parish office 780-432-0611. 

Youth and Adult Cathechism

Varied ways of learning the richness of our Catholic faith is offered at St. Anthony after the 10:30 am Sunday Mass on scheduled dates.


The lending library is located inside the St. Anthony's church near the parish office,  It has a wide selection of good spiritual reading material for children, youth and adults, iuncluding books on Mary and the saints, prayer and scripture study, the Church and family life.

 Twin Parish Faith Formation

Mary Program (Saturday's only - Nov.12-Dec. 3 4:00 PM St. Agnes Merchant Hall)

Priest, Prophet, King (Saturday's only - Nov. 12-Dec. 3 @ 6:15 PM St. Agnes Merchant Hall)

Note:  Call the parish office to register 780-432-0611











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