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St. Agnes and St. Anthony Joint Mission Statement

As sharers in the mission of Jesus Christ, we are committed to spreading the Gospel and building up the Kingdom of God in our homes, in our parishes, and in the communities in which we live.

History of St. Agnes and St. Anthony


On August 16, 1953, the Archbishop of Edmonton, Joh Hugh MacDonald, established St. Agnes Parish.  The first sod was turned on March 14, 1954.  The official blessing and laying of the cornerstone was on July 4, 1954.  St. Agnes church was blessed and officially opened on January 28, 1955.  The altar was located at the north wall.

Mass was celebrated first in St. Agnes School, then in the downstairs of the church in October 1954.  The rectory was completed in October 1965.  Major changes in St. Agnes Church followed the Vatican Council II (1962-1965).  During 1971, the altar was moved to the south wall and pews arranged around it.

In 1993, the elevator, access ramp and bathroom for handicapped were built.  Keyboard, amplifiers and Glory and Praise Hymnals were purchased to enhance the music ministry after the interior of the church was painted.  In 1993, the skylights were installed and interior lighting improved.  Renovations to rectory were completed as well as the installation of a commercial dishwasher in the basement.

Between 1995-1998, new windows with stained glass panels, donated by parishioners, were installed.  In 2000, Southwest Senior purchased a new stove for the hall.  In 2001, St. Agnes office was relocated to the newly renovated Central Office for St. Agnes and St. Anthony, located at St. Anthony Parish.  St. Agnes rectory becomes residence for clergy.

In 2002, new windows were installed in the rectory.


Rev. Raymond J. Merchant 1953-1968

Very Rev. M. Gerard Doyle 1968-1977

Rev. Paul J. Connelly (Administrator) 1977

Rev. Thomas J. Kroetch 1977-1984

Rev. Joseph Leszcynski 1984-1988

Rev. William White 1988-1990

Rev. Albert Laisnez 1991-1996

Rev. Martin Carroll 1996-1999

Rev. Emmett Crough 1999-2000

Rev. Greg Bittman 2000-2001

Rev. Jack Gallagher 2001-2003

Rev. Tesfu Kelati 2003-2009

Rev. Paul Moret - 2009 - 2012

Rev. John Hesse - 2012-2013

Rev. Joby Augustin - 2013 -


Rev. Stanley Ksciuk

Rev. Eduardo Escober

Rev. Silvichan Dominic


 The chequered history of St. Anthony Parish began in 1894 when Father Lacombe, O.M.I. built a mission church of St. Joachim on 105 street and 84 Avenue.  The following year, October 21, 1895, Bishop Grandin, O.M.I., from St. Alberts, dedicated the church.  Between 1901-1904, the second church was built and Fr. Nordman, O.M.I. was appointed to take charge of the parish.

In 1905, a year after the incorporation of the City of Edmonton, the parish of St. Anthony is officially established, with Fr. Nordman as the first parish priest.  The church was inaugurated in 1907.  Following the appointment of Archbishop O'Leary as head of the Catholic Church in Edmonton, secular clergy took over the parish from Oblate fathers.  Fr. Carleton in Edmonton, secular clergy took over the parish from Oblate fathers.  Fr. Carleton thus became the first secular pastor and the church became known as "St. Anthony's Pro-Cathedral."

After a long period of various developmental activities, Father Foran arrived at the parish, in 1940, and began planning for a new church.  Finally in 1946, plans were unveiled for a new church at 107 street and Whyte Avenue.  Gracefully, the present building was opened on June 5, 1949.

The golden jubilee of the parish was celebrated on November 20, 1955 and as part of the ceremony, the mortgage was ceremonially burnt.  In order to bring it into modern times, major interior renovation of the church was undertaken in 1980.  Again in 1996 another major interior renovation was completed.

In 2000, the parish was twinned with St. Agnes and served by one parish priest.  The following year, the living quarters of St. Anthony were remodeled and converted into the central office for the twin parishes of St. Agnes and St. Anthony's.


Rev. G. Nordman 1905

Rev. J. Danis

Rev. A. Lemarchand

Rev. O. McQuaid

Rev. L. Pilon

Rev. A. Jan

Rev. C. Devic

Rev. J. Tosquinet

Rev. H. Lacost

Rev. W. Carleton 1921-1941

Rt. Rev. C.J. Foran 1941-1973

Rt. Rev. Donald MacDonald 1973-1978

Rev. Karl Raab 1978-1981

Rt. Rev. W. Allen Reynolds 1981-1987

Rev. Malcolm Campbell 1987-1989

Rev. J. Emmett Crough  1989-2000

Rev. Gregory Bittman 2000-2001

Rev. Jack Gallagher 2001-2003

Rev. Tesfu Kelati 2003-2009

Rev. Paul Moret 2009-2012

Rev. John Hesse 2012-2013

Rev. Joby Augustin 2013-


Rev. Eduardo Escober

Rev. Silvichan Dominic



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